vibrant + artistic personal branding session

Vibrant + Artistic Personal Branding Session | Nikisha King Design House


vibrant + artistic personal branding session | NK Design House

I love shooting branding sessions for clients and capturing their brand, mission, and story through the images. That is the whole purpose of branding photography, to tell a visual story and relate to your potential clients. Nikisha rocked her vibrant + artistic personal branding session that highlighted her and her business NK Design House! She is a creator running a business that provides full design services that are cohesive and unique to each client. Nk Design House specializes in creating clean, modern, and intentional stationary and paper goods that tell a story through custom art for various events. Those products include save the dates, invitations, as well as wedding or event day stationery such as menus, name cards, programs, and more! 

Vibrant + Artistic Personal Branding Session

Nikisha is amazing at what she does!  She provides beautiful, high quality products and services that leaves her clients stress-free and the event guests feeling excited and energized! For her personal branding session, we wanted to capture the vibrant, artistic, and modern look of her work in the photos by selecting outfits that complimented the overall aesthetic and vibe of her business. Nikisha looked stunning in each of her outfits! The bold pink shirt, royal blue dress with those red high heels, and peach sweater and floral skirt all looked phenomenal, and perfectly captured the look and energy she puts into her work.

Additionally, we also wanted to capture the relaxing, calming feeling she wants every client to experience when working with her. To achieve that, we shot Nikisha’s session at home stylist and blogger, Michele’s gorgeous home! Visit Michele’s amazing site here! Her home is perfect! It is warm, welcoming, and calming, which is exactly the vibe we wanted, which paired beautifully with the home’s clean, modern look that we envisioned for Nikisha’s personal branding session. 

NK Design House

 As I learned about Nikisha and her business, one thing that stood out to me was her commitment. She is committed to not only bringing the best products and services to her clients, but also to serving the community around her by investing in non-profit organizations that support young girls and women around the world. Her Philanthropy work is inspiring. Service is her business’ mission, which continues to motivate them to grow. I know I am inspired by Nikisha and her work through NK Design House! 

Nikisha thank you for allowing me to capture your stunning personal branding photos! It was an honor to work with you and learn more about you, your business, and your mission. If you are a wedding or event planner, head over to NK Design House’s website and see all their beautiful, custom works of art, or connect with her over on Instagram!  

The Creative Team: 

Home Rental: Simply Sweet Moorestown Home | rented through Home Studio List

Home Stylist & Home Stylist + Blogger:  Simply Michele B

Jocelyn Cruz Photography is based in South New Jersey and serves the surrounding areas of PA and NJ.  Please contact me if you want more information about my personal branding photography! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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