Water Works Engagement in Philadelphia, PA

Water Works Engagement in Philadelphia | Marissa + Alex


Water Works  Engagement in Philadelphia, PA

I had the absolute best time photographing Marissa and Alex for their Water Works Engagement Session in Philadelphia, PA.  We were blessed with a beautiful spring day the day of our session! The Water Works is a STUNNING wedding venue! We walked around the outside of many beautiful buildings that featured amazing, elegant architecture. After taking in the gorgeous water views and impressive structures we went to the art museum to capture the couple on the cascading staircase and by the large columns that decorate the entrance to the museum. 

Water Works Engagement Session

While I love all the images from their session, my favorite images are of Marissa and Alex doing the dip pose! That is definitely their pose! I loved watching the couple interact and share little laughs and looks all throughout their session. To end their romantic engagement session, we headed to the gazebo by the Water Works to capture them with the beautiful sunset as it set over the water! It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. 

How They Met

During our session, I asked Marissa and Alex about how they met and questions about their relationship. This is what they shared with me about their story! 

They met on the dating app Hinge, but had actually matched a few times on other dating apps before, but it had never led to anything. This time though, it was the real deal because it wasn’t long after that Alex proposed! 

The Proposal

Alex had picked up that she loved Harry Potter! He wanted to incorporate that into his proposal and planned for months to propose to her in Harry Potter World at Universal! Marissa recalls that, “when we got there, he tricked me into taking a picture in front of Harry Potter’s castle and got down on one knee”.

What They Love Most About Each Other

Marissa: “There are a lot of things that I love about Alex, but one of the really special things about him is that he gets *really* excited about the things that I get excited about. Even if he’s just learning about it. If I say that I’m going to bake a new recipe, he’s running around the kitchen pulling out everything that I need and talking about how great it’s going to be. If I’m excited to watch a show, he gets really excited about it, too. He makes everything happier and better.”

Alex: “There are so many things I love about Marissa. If I have to pick one thing, it’s how much she cares about everyone and everything she crosses paths with. At work, she cares so much about her patients, treating them as if they are family. She loves and cares about our cats so much that she sings songs about them. And she shows me how much she cares about me everyday by always wanting to be by my side, whether we’re on the couch playing word games, cooking dinner together, or talking to me while I’m in the shower.”

Those answers almost made me tear up! Marissa and Alex are the sweetest couple and are absolutely perfect for each other! I loved getting to know them and learning their love story! Thank you both for allowing me to capture your beautiful Water Works engagement session!

I hope you enjoyed Marissa + Alex’s romantic Water Works engagement session.

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