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Hi friend! I’m Jocelyn! I am a photographer who is also a wife, a mom, a believer, and an educator. My life’s motto is the French saying, “Joie de vivre” … the Joy of living! I strive to appreciate all the joys in life. I have been blessed with photography because it has given me countless opportunities to capture so many of life’s joys. It started 10 years ago when my husband bought me my first DSLR camera. Shortly after, my passion for photography quickly accelerated with the birth of my son. A whole new world became visible in my life and I had to document it all!  

This year I finally made my transition from a full time Spanish teacher to diving fully into my photography business. I learned many lessons during my 16 years of teaching, but one thing stands out is that it is important to heed to life’s callings. My passion for photography grew so much that I had to go forward in fulfilling one of my dreams … I am a storyteller and my instrument is the camera! I am creative, caring, and joyful… my passion is to show all of my clients the beauty within their life’s moments.

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my inspiration

There are many details in life that inspire me. I am inspired by love! 

There's beauty in being connected with others beyond words...it's being seen and accepted for who you are. 
I love being outside in nature...long walks, sunset, sunrise, mountains, and beaches.  

There's fulfillment in letting yourself shine and admiring the light in others. 

A Few Faves

coffee + tea

I love both! It’s like the yin and the yang. I find coffee energizing (even decaf!) and tea relaxing.  


my kids

My kids! My son motivates me to grow and learn everyday. I want to show him that I can follow my dreams and be there as his mommy. My 3 angel babies, my triplet girls, they marked my life in such a deep way and gave me permission to spread my wings and fly! 


my biggest fan

My hubby has been my biggest fan. (Can I share a little secret...I’m his biggest fan too!) This year we will be celebrating 16 years of marriage! Throughout all of life’s twists and turns, I am forever blessed to share my life with him. 


my nickname

Joie is my childhood nickname which means joy. This word reflects a lot of who I am and what I love to do… one of the reasons I love the saying, “Joie de Vivre”!


city + country

I'm a city girl with a country heart. I’ve lived in the city all my life and spent the summers in the countryside of Puerto Rico. Beautiful mountains and open farmlands make my heart sing!  


my office assistant

Ha! That would be my 3 year old goldendoodle Jedi. He loves being by my side while I edit pictures… He’s a hugger!


I am a storyteller and my instrument is the camera. 

Owner, Jocelyn

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