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NJ Real Estate Branding Session | Kathy Yager


Personal Branding photos of real estate agent entering home

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Kathy Yager for her NJ Real Estate Branding Session! I had the greatest time getting to know her and learning  about her passion for real estate! She is devoted to her career and lives to help people find their dream home! She assists buyers and sellers in Monmouth and Ocean County New Jersey! 

NJ Real Estate Branding Session

For her personal branding session, we took photos at a gorgeous french farmhouse! I captured many different looks of Kathy, but my favorite image might be of her holding the SOLD sign! For any personal branding session, I always suggest incorporating items to represent you and your business. For Kathy’s session we added in items and really tried to set the scene to represent her business as a real estate agent for Coldwell Banker!

Real estate agents spend a lot of time on their computers researching homes and processing paperwork for homebuyers and sellers. They also spend A LOT of time viewing homes both in person and online. When Kathy shows a home to a potential buyer she takes the time to highlight areas of the home and help clients visualize their life in the home. We wanted to do the same for her NJ branding session and represent all the work that goes into being a real estate agent! 

Much like when you show a house, it is important to paint a picture with your branding images. You want to show potential clients what it is like to work together. Kathy and her business stand for honesty, integrity, and kindness. Her warm personality and kind smile communicate those very qualities. 

“Life is Short… Buy the Beach House!”

I asked Kathy what made her get into real estate and she revealed that she really loves, “helping buyers achieve their home dreams.”  When she sold her first home and made a profit is when she first realized the potential for investment in real estate.  With over 17 years of experience in the world of real estate, she is well acquainted with the area! Serving both coastal towns of Monmouth and Ocean County, she knows how to help buyers and sellers find exactly what they want! 

If you are looking to relocate close to the beach, Kathy would love to help you find the perfect house in the bustling beach town or that dream beach home right on the shoreline! As her sign says, “Life is short, buy the beach house!”, and I couldn’t agree more! 

You can reach Real Estate Agent, Kathy Yager through her Instagram or FaceBook page! 

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If you are a business owner, celebrate your business with a branding session! Updated and professional Branding photos are crucial. I’d love to chat and discuss how we can tell your story through a branding session. Contact me today to start a conversation!







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