Michael holds Erica in arms during Longwood Gardens Spring Engagement Session

Longwood Gardens Engagement Session | Erica & Michael


As my first spring session of the year, this Longwood Gardens Engagement Session in PA was perfect. Springtime at Longwood Gardens provides an abundance of beauty and color as the Earth blossoms with life. There are numerous spots throughout the grounds with idyllic backdrops, perfect for couples to celebrate and showcase their love.

I love photographing engagement sessions and capturing the beginning of a couples’ love story.  Years from now, they will look back fondly on these memories and remember their early years of love and romance, and reflect on how far they’ve come since that day.  

I also love newly engaged couples’ energy! They are so joyful and excited for the future ahead of them, and that energy carries into the session. Erica & Michael were no exception!  Laughs and smiles filled their session, as they both radiated with happiness knowing that their big day is around the corner.  

Longwood Gardens Engagement Session

It was a perfect, warm spring day, full of sunshine. The park was busier than expected due to the beautiful weather, but thankfully Erica & Michael knew of a hidden gem in the Longwood Gardens park I’d never seen before.  The wide-open landscape, featuring tall grass and stunning natural light made for a romantic setting. We had a bit more privacy and ended up spending most of the engagement session there.  

Erica’s beautiful coral dress added the perfect pop of color as they walked through the tall grass. We did venture out to other popular areas of the gardens to capture a few photos around the pond, walking through the garden paths, and at the conservatory.  The Longwood Gardens Conservatory added a charming, architectural contrast to the airy, natural setting of the other locations.

Their Love Story

Michael kisses Erica on by tall grass. during Longwood Gardens Spring Engagement Session

How did you meet?

“We met in college (TCNJ) at a friend’s summer party. After, I asked my friend for his number and we started hanging out.”

Michael leaning into Erica as she smiles off in the distance and then laughs during Longwood Gardens Spring Engagement Session
Couple walks through tall grass during Longwood Gardens Spring Engagement Session
Couple hugs and smile at each other and then couple walks together holding hands along wooden path

When did you know that you found the one?

 “When we mailed love letters to each other while I was studying abroad in Spain. I felt more excited about receiving and responding to his letters than clubbing until the sun came up, haha!”

Michael leans into Erica as she smiles at camera and they walk along path during Longwood Gardens Spring Engagement Session
Michael holds Erica in arms during Longwood Gardens Spring Engagement Session
Michael lifts Erica up as she smiles at him during Longwood Gardens Spring Engagement Session

Your Proposal

“ If our engagement was chronicled in a wedding magazine, it might go something like this:

‘On a Friday night in November, Michael proposed. The couple had just returned to their apartment after a lovely evening out at Gran Caffe L’Aquila. Post-nine P.M. on a Friday night, Erica began to head upstairs to change into ‘comfies.’ Michael called her back down, knelt, and held out the engagement ring she had definitely never asked about. Erica said yes, of course. A few happy tears were shed. Their hearts felt as full as their bellies, which were essentially stuffed from a decadent evening of espresso martinis, calamari, gnocchi, and gelato. In their candle-lit apartment, they slow-danced to Presley crooning, ‘I can’t help falling in love with you,’ and he was absolutely right.'”

Tell me about your engagement ring

 “Mike designed it at Halloween- a quirky jewelry shop in Philadelphia. According to the jewelry designer, it’s more of a “Grace Kelly.”

Couple holds out Engagement Ring

Learning Erica & Michael’s love story felt like I was hearing the synopsis of the next Nicholas Sparks novel!  When I asked them what they loved most about each other, they answered, “We laugh every day.”  Hearing this made me smile, as my grandmother once told me that laughing together every day was the secret to a happy marriage.  

Couple walks by pond during Longwood Gardens Spring Engagement Session
Couple dances near blooming tree
Couple holds hands and looks back at camera over shoulder
Couple kisses sitting at top of stairs during Longwood Gardens Spring Engagement Session
Erica looking lovingly up at Michael while sitting on stairs and then they look at camera
Erica and Michael sit on stairs looking lovingly at one another
Couple leaning up against a building during engagement session
Couple looking at each other by a building during Longwood gardens engagement session
Couple kisses near building during Longwood Gardens Engagement session

I hope you enjoyed Erica & Michael’s Longwood Gardens Engagement Session! I can’t wait to watch more of Erica & Michael’s love story unfold as they are getting married on May 7th at Franklin Square in lovely Philadelphia!  

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