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Spring Lake Fall Engagement Session in NJ | Gabrielle + Austin


Spring Lake Fall Engagement Session in NJ

Gabrielle and Austin’s dreamy Spring Lake Fall Engagement Session was one of my favorite sessions of the season! We explored the beautiful town of Spring Lake New Jersey, spending most of our time in the park and at the beach.

It meant so much to Gabrielle and Austin to capture their engagement photos in Spring Lake. They absolutely love the area and used to live there. Gabrielle and Austin both enjoy bike riding together. They share fond memories of riding their bikes down the tree lined streets.

New Jersey Spring Lake Fall Engagement Session

After photographing them at the park, we headed over to one of the charming streets nearby where they would ride their bikes. The setting was beautiful and romantic with the trees creating a stunning canopy of leaves overhead! It was magical with the changing colors of the leaves during the fall. I can see why this area is a favorite spot of theirs!

Before sunset we headed to Spring Lake beach and captured them on the boardwalk. It was the perfect setting with the pristine beach and rolling ocean waves in the background. This quaint and gorgeous beach town was so much fun to explore! I had a wonderful time getting to know Gabrielle and Austin and learning more about their story! 

Their Love Story 

How Did You Meet?

Gabrielle shared that they met on a dating app that she downloaded on a whim! She was on it for less than a week! Austin said he was about to delete the app right before they connected! I think it is safe to say that these two were definitely meant to be! 

The Proposal

“Austin proposed on the second day of our twice-covid-delayed vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He proposed on the beach, at sunset, with rose petals in the sand spelling out Will You Marry Me? in massive letters and more rose petals and lanterns lining the path to the beach. The rest of the already amazing trip turned into an engagement moon, setting a very high standard for our future honeymoon!” 

The Engagement Ring

“We went to look at rings together and both agreed on a general shape/style. A week or so later, I had a change of heart about the style that best suited me, but was too nervous to tell him in case he already purchased the ring. I ultimately decided to keep it to myself, since the style we agreed on was beautiful as well! Flash forward to our proposal, and Austin opened the box to reveal a ring in the new style I wanted, but never told him about – a stunning radiant cut diamond with a halo and a delicate, detailed band. It will always tug on my heartstrings a bit to know that one of the first decisions that was made toward our official future together was one that proves how well he knows me!”

What is One Thing You Love Most About Each Other?

Gabrielle: “One of the infinite things I love is how responsible and thoughtful Austin is. He thinks of everything and is usually one step ahead of me!”

Austin: “one thing I love about Gabbie is her strong work ethic. When she sets out to do something she puts forth her best effort each and every time which inspires me to go about my life in the same manner.”

One thing is certain, Gabrielle and Austin are beautiful together! Their love for one another was evident as they laughed together and exchanged loving glances throughout our Spring lake engagement session.  It was an absolute joy to capture their engagement and this exciting chapter in their lives!

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